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Aura Invest $3 Milion

Aura Invest Group Funds Haploscope Startup Project with $3 Million

Aura Invest $3 Milion

Aura Invest Group, a leading investment firm, has announced its $3 million funding for the Haploscope startup. This strategic investment will allow Haploscope to drive its growth and development in the financial technology market.

Date17 August 2021

A Strategic Partnership for Success

The partnership between Aura Invest Group and Haploscope is an example of collaboration between experienced investors and innovative startups. Aura Invest Group brings its expertise and financial resources, while Haploscope contributes its vision and technical knowledge to create disruptive solutions in the financial sector.

Benefits for Haploscope’s Customers

Thanks to this investment, Haploscope’s customers will benefit from more advanced and personalized financial solutions. Haploscope will be able to accelerate the development of its platform and offer even more comprehensive and secure services to its users.